When you asked me to look for someone else and not wait for you, I responded in the only way I knew how. It was to think of myself first and say I would wait. You would never say that if you were not serious. I will wait, but I will wait on the lord who is my strength.

Is it courageous to stay a course when all signs point to aversion? Or is it mad love to ignore the signs? When there are no responses to my statements, should I believe there is nothing to say? When frustration is the only emotion that I elicit in you, then what is the only emotion that can be elicited? Do I have the courage to remain till it's my time to depart, or is departure only a matter of time? Is there freedom in being free or is being bound together a restriction?

Unrequited love is to suffer, without any benefits, whereas shared heartache is shared suffering. When two become one, one has the comfort of two. A soul tie is not easily broken, therefore make sure of the one to whom you are tied.

Our tie was not forged in God's foundry, but instead in the ethos of passionate wandering, with blessings not surely to transpire thereafter. It is better to obey than to sacrifice. The wise foresee danger far off and hide themselves, but the simple go on and are punished. If I remain on the present course, then shipwreck is emanate. Leave me now to do the only right thing possible. Forsake the tie and bind up my wounds, so that I may again return, but only to the forge of His freedom.

Dec o8 2oo7

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