My Version Psalm o5

Hear my prayer and consider my thoughts
attend to my tears my king as you ought
for its you I have sought

Early my voice will you hear my Lord
I look for you early, my prayers I have poured
and they soared

You are not a God that delights in wrong
you wont abide the wicked for long
because they don't belong

Destruction awaits those who tell lies
abhorring deception, our God will not try
to draw nigh

In mercy I come to your house on the hill
in reverence I praise you, with fear I am filled
with goodwill

I'm led down the path in safety, I'm saved
from my enemies with which all are depraved
and are staved

Nothing in their mouths is pure
in their hearts is nothing sure
with their tongues they lure

Declare that they are condemned
may their own plots not amend
the wicked, and away from you send

But all who find safety in you rejoice
may they all be found with a joyful noise
and be protected and filled with joy

You prosper those who obey
and they are protected as they stay
close to you, and do what you say

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