I'm sick and Ill pick the scab from the nick on my heart its starting to hurt.

Why care if nowhere protects me from stares its OK I cant feel a thing.

Cant forget my regret in the morning I get in the carpool lane with my memories.

I'm left all alone I cant phone home at 3am to a place that doesn't exist.

My head on fire and my heart has desires I'm no liar I swear on the Bible.

Ill drop it just stop it Ill mop it its my mess I promise Ill clean it up later.

Its alright to be hurting its part of converting I'm averting my eyes from your anger.

I did it I know Ill just go although I wont ever regret our friendship.

In a moment a twinkle Ill look for a sprinkle of hope and forgiveness just maybe.

Dec 18 2008

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