Hide and Seek

Long ago and far away
stood the one who would come
to stand by me this day

Let all that remains
that is not of you would depart
for your trust I gain

In time I am set free from prison
but will come again
to free those who would be risen

Your words are not despised
in my heart, and I learn
as my part is reprised

Destiny is as it always was
derived by revelation
forced with a coup d'etats

Heavens foes are nearly won
in battle not by flesh and blood
but by the Fathers Son

At last the battle is complete
but by the Spirit I know
that for us He will entreat

Ive found that sin is near
but I will depart as well
from death and fear

Sorry Dad

My thoughts of you stir as I sit alone. I could have been more. I should have been less. Was it enough to cause you distress? Wait with me till your will is shone.

Is it enough that I know what Ive done? Should I leave now or stay and wonder? I could try and explain...nevermind. Its too much to bear these choices Ive blundered. It was enough that my freedom you won.

I realize now that my sins are not stronger, my selfishness longer or the choices Ive squandered...than your Grace that was given while I still wandered.

I have a dear friend that told me to turn, to your house where I lived and our love did burn. I know that your here now, with me by your side. The world holds nothing for me... I know 'cause Ive tried.

Sep 14 2oo7


When you asked me to look for someone else and not wait for you, I responded in the only way I knew how. It was to think of myself first and say I would wait. You would never say that if you were not serious. I will wait, but I will wait on the lord who is my strength.

Is it courageous to stay a course when all signs point to aversion? Or is it mad love to ignore the signs? When there are no responses to my statements, should I believe there is nothing to say? When frustration is the only emotion that I elicit in you, then what is the only emotion that can be elicited? Do I have the courage to remain till it's my time to depart, or is departure only a matter of time? Is there freedom in being free or is being bound together a restriction?

Unrequited love is to suffer, without any benefits, whereas shared heartache is shared suffering. When two become one, one has the comfort of two. A soul tie is not easily broken, therefore make sure of the one to whom you are tied.

Our tie was not forged in God's foundry, but instead in the ethos of passionate wandering, with blessings not surely to transpire thereafter. It is better to obey than to sacrifice. The wise foresee danger far off and hide themselves, but the simple go on and are punished. If I remain on the present course, then shipwreck is emanate. Leave me now to do the only right thing possible. Forsake the tie and bind up my wounds, so that I may again return, but only to the forge of His freedom.

Dec o8 2oo7
We thought we could, if we tried harder. We pushed the envelope until the seams burst. There was nothing left to give. Sleep was a forgotten luxury as we strained the limits of human achievement. Emotions ran the gamut toward a swirling vortex of palpable chaos. Our bodies quivered from lack of food, aching from the strain of pressing on. Thought and reason were exchanged for mindless chatter and unwise counsel, as we looked unflinchingly at the insurmountable madness ahead. Fraught with unknown danger, we took the plunge into an unknown future...and fell into a miracle.
I'm sick and Ill pick the scab from the nick on my heart its starting to hurt.

Why care if nowhere protects me from stares its OK I cant feel a thing.

Cant forget my regret in the morning I get in the carpool lane with my memories.

I'm left all alone I cant phone home at 3am to a place that doesn't exist.

My head on fire and my heart has desires I'm no liar I swear on the Bible.

Ill drop it just stop it Ill mop it its my mess I promise Ill clean it up later.

Its alright to be hurting its part of converting I'm averting my eyes from your anger.

I did it I know Ill just go although I wont ever regret our friendship.

In a moment a twinkle Ill look for a sprinkle of hope and forgiveness just maybe.

Dec 18 2008

My version Psalm o6

No punishment I can bear
nor anger Lord, for I fear
take pity on this your weak one.

Anguish fills my soul
How long? You wont hear in Sheol
I will remember none.

I tire of tears I shed
with them I flood my bed
my foes, all should run

You hear my sounds of grief
I'm heard, in my belief
I am not undone.

Now terror grips their hearts
Run, run with fits and starts
fall back or face the Son.


My Version Psalm o5

Hear my prayer and consider my thoughts
attend to my tears my king as you ought
for its you I have sought

Early my voice will you hear my Lord
I look for you early, my prayers I have poured
and they soared

You are not a God that delights in wrong
you wont abide the wicked for long
because they don't belong

Destruction awaits those who tell lies
abhorring deception, our God will not try
to draw nigh

In mercy I come to your house on the hill
in reverence I praise you, with fear I am filled
with goodwill

I'm led down the path in safety, I'm saved
from my enemies with which all are depraved
and are staved

Nothing in their mouths is pure
in their hearts is nothing sure
with their tongues they lure

Declare that they are condemned
may their own plots not amend
the wicked, and away from you send

But all who find safety in you rejoice
may they all be found with a joyful noise
and be protected and filled with joy

You prosper those who obey
and they are protected as they stay
close to you, and do what you say



Acquired at the point of purchase
I am now sealed with love divine

Spirit dwell within this mortal
given hope through peaceful signs

Sacrifice was not required
He asks me not for courage still

The faithful heart of Christ was broken
the Father gives of perfect will

I have not sought Him as I should
Ive turned and went my way

But never leaving nor forsaking
Faithful Sheppard led the stray

Asking nothing in His name
that wouldn't come to me

Delighting now in fleshly law
upon the heart, I'm free

I take the yoke upon my shoulders
its lightness is as air

The wonder of the acts of God
all my sins He bears