tripping on uneven walks
through tilted streets past twisted rocks
a ludicrous cartoon-like portrayal

persons bent in angled poses
faces void though fear discloses
i'm viewing Tangletown in anime relief

hapless helpless hopeless forms
given up to twisted norms
the townfolk unaware that somethings wrong

in tangletown i walk in health
a former resident myself
now an out-of-place observer passing through

id like to show them straighter paths
but lawmen here are steeped in graff
and i am told to leave today at noon

departing now for Brookstone fair
traversing through the demons lair
i cant remain in twisted tangletown

Sheriff, known by other names
had tricked the town to live in shame
and this is who bewitched the goodfolk here

old Wicked Snake beguiled the town
and with their fall became renowned
for vice and unimagined cruelty

the demon lied and told them stories
of treasures rich and untold glory
if they would all bow down to Wicked Snake

but in the bowing came the twisting
exchanging truth for fiction listing
Maker as a myth of bygone centuries

Wicked Snake had pulled the veil
to blind the eyes to Crossing trail
where Maker sent his son to show the way

but hope remains for tangletown
when Makers son will come back down
and shoot the Sheriff square between his eyes