In the likeness of you

In my wildest dreams, I could never foresee a love like yours
Forgetting my mistakes and faults, you instead lavish me with kindness

Ive hurt those you love, and yet you still hold me just as tightly as when we first met
Looking at your face to see if your ever frustrated, I only find joy looking back

I'm sorry for the pain Ive caused, Father. I can only hope that I learn my lessons
a little quicker than what I have been. I know that you are aware of my sorrow

Please comfort those Ive damaged, please forgive my trespasses against your children
Teach me to be like you. I shall be satisfied when I awake in your likeness


красивейше поднял

I harbor a feeling welling inside
Alone in my thoughts, heartache implied
Most tender of friends, Victory your name
I wonder if you ever feel the same

Did reckless abandon cause you to leave
Or sin on my part has caused you to grieve?
My wish for you dear one is that you'll be blessed
While resting your head on Jesus' chest

I stumbled and tripped down the street of desire
Forgetting but briefly a hope to conspire
And forging a friendship in hopes of a love
Just know that of you I think the world of

A stronger one surely will take my place
And form a more suitable nesting of grace
In failing Ive given a nod to the past
Know that my heart wants your pain not to last

Hope deferred makes my heart sick
But maybe I hope for a conjuring trick
Was love so in vain that ignoring the signs
ahead that warned me it wasn't His time?

Alas it has taught me to guard the reposes
of tender heart dwellings made of wilderness roses
Forgive the forgiven and all will be right
Always remember this prayer of the contrite