Rinse and Repeat

Pain in returning that which was once mine
Vain pounds the heart engulfed in sour wine
Chains bruise the arms of those who are blind
Gains in pursuit of two hearts aligned
Cains support old age when youth's left behind
Strains of sad songs wash over my mind
Pain is a cycle that repeats over time

One more time...



Is this life that we hold so dear to our hearts, worth the investment we make, when all that we do is look to receive the very moment we wake? Should life be a matter of filling our souls with worldly treasures we take? Or plundering haplessly with no regard to all the souls that we rape? We hope to gain more from the powerless ones by holding their necks by the nape. Twisting their fates by stealing their hopes and draping their coffins with capes.

I am the one who was chosen to speak on behalf of the poor and the lame. Ignoring their plight I fell out of grace when realized I am the same…as the drug cartel or the soldier from hell. I am, just not in name. For I was the one that knew what to do, but instead gave them my back. Stopping my ears and holding my tongue, I told myself its best to hold back. Your little ones suffer on, not knowing all that they lack.

I could have given them truth from your word, and shared with them all I believe. For you said to all of us ( including this one ) it's more blessed to give than receive. For what man can stand before his God while his friends are blindly deceived. Lord have mercy on me for failing to be the voice that speaks of your love. It's your kindness that brings us all safely home, led on the wings of a dove. Forgiveness is mine as I look back in time as I see that never you shoved, or led me astray nor turned me away, for your mercies are new everyday.


Where is my solace in soul's despair, when peace has flown from dark nightmares?
My comfort found through grace invested, my soul receives and is now rested.
Are His ears to heavy to hear my crys, His heart too burdened to sympathize?
His eye upon my every tear, the love of Jesus knows no fear.
When burdens crush with enormous weight, does God forget to participate?
His arms enfold around the load of heavy thoughts and piercing goads.
Does loving God remove the pain of selfish choices made in vain?
When heart condemns, He loves me still. Forgiveness found in His good will.


Lest we forget

At what point does the fake become real
At what point will my heart feel
the stirring of light

At what point will death turn to life
At what point will joy become rife
overcoming the trite

I see no future apart from Him
I see no love when I wallow in sin
He captures the stealer and sentenced him there
to freedom I'm called, in freedom Ill win

The soul is made right by the leaving of pride
no place for the vain, for vanity lied
The shouts of the victor have startled His foes
The grace of a savior to me was applied