Sorry Dad

My thoughts of you stir as I sit alone. I could have been more. I should have been less. Was it enough to cause you distress? Wait with me till your will is shone.

Is it enough that I know what Ive done? Should I leave now or stay and wonder? I could try and explain...nevermind. Its too much to bear these choices Ive blundered. It was enough that my freedom you won.

I realize now that my sins are not stronger, my selfishness longer or the choices Ive squandered...than your Grace that was given while I still wandered.

I have a dear friend that told me to turn, to your house where I lived and our love did burn. I know that your here now, with me by your side. The world holds nothing for me... I know 'cause Ive tried.

Sep 14 2oo7

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