My Version Psalm o2

Angry men in nations wane
to meditate in violence vain.
Rulers plot to ruin the Lord
against His son and break the cords
that hold the nations in their place
but God shall mock them to their face.
He tells them in plain words that sting
His son's in Zion, He is the king.
The Lord Jevovah has decreed,
You are my son, Ive begotten thee.
Ask of me to you I'll give
the nations and the earth to live
and break them with a mighty blow
and smash them all and bring them low.
Beware you men who are on high
serve Jehovah and draw nigh
in fear and joy with trembling.
Kiss the Son who is the King
Lest you parish in the way,
blessed are those who trust today.

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