The End of Death~Revelation 1:18

salient bars held in place, resilient, twisted knots
form the window sill that frames an anguished tortured plot

beneath the frame a shadow cast in dim and roughened hue
bequeathed by one in absent joy, boding an eschew

unseen hands writhe in pain, beneath a quilt of shame
lightless eyes closed tight to veil the prisoner from his blame

hope has fled, all traces gone, without a shred of peace
darkened flames and muted cries have spoken, "unreleased"

guilt betrays the captive here, alone and silent mourns
infiltrated sovereignty, divinity he scorned

designed by sin, made firm by choice, held in place by One
for Death ( his name ) will not be freed by Father's favored Son

Blasting light comes through the cell as Jesus walks the hall
toward Deaths domain, in brilliant white, the Son has come to call

Terror grips the conquered one, as steadily He grows nearer
valiant speaks the awesome Lord, and silent sits the hearer

"I hold the keys to every door, forever I am King
your power vexed and vanquished now...Death, where is thy sting?"

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